Here you can find video evidence of why Notre Dame sucks.

Nortre Dame Plays Dirtry

Tom Zbikowski stomps on a Georgia Tech player after the play and two ND players maul Penn State’s Jerome Hayes.

Brady Quinn Wears USC Jersey

Clip shows former Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn making a bet with former Southern California quarterback Rodney Peete on the outcome of the 2007 Irish-Trojans game, then wearing a USC jersey as promised in the bet after ND beat SC 38-0.

Hopeless Notre Dame Fan

A video edition of Bud Light’s Real Men of Genius – Hopeless Notre Dame Fan

Notre Dame Sucks 1999

Jarious Jackson throws away the game for Notre Dame at Purdue in 1999.

Notre Dame Sucks

Purdue vs. Notre Lame

Chambers returns a punt for 67 yards and makes about five irish miss.